Monday, May 11, 2009

Lucky Number 7

This is a graphic design project from earlier this semester. We had to design a calendar - the guidelines were pretty open, we could do pretty much anything we wanted. I decided to base mine on the concept of 7 - you know, 7 days of the week, it totally fits. Researched a bunch about what in the world comes in sevens, and found out most of them were either based on spiritual themes or worldly geographical themes.

I got some good comments on the color schemes - I tried to make the colors of each month/week relevant to the theme of the month. Though, a little secret: got a lot of help in figuring out the colors from Adobe Kuler. It's a fantastic color resource.

There's even an explanation bit underneath all the weekly pages. Just in case you don't know the 7 deadly sins, or the 7 wonders of the world, etc.

If I had the resources, I would pick a fancier coil instead of a standard white plastic one, perhaps a shiny wire one. But it's okay, I'm still glad I got it bound all nice and neatly.

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Unknown said...

It looks good. I would definitly have that on my desk. :)