Friday, December 19, 2008

Posters from Flex Studio

I thought I'd show some posters I've done in Flex Design Studio this past semester.

Baltimore ABC
I got the letters E and I - Edgar Allen Poe and the Inner Harbor. That's a dragon paddle boat represented for Inner Harbor, not a Loch ness monster.

Poster for a (fake) graduation show

It really complements a whole invitation package (which I have not yet gotten around to photographing. But it all has the floral type pattern, with my hand drawn scribbles of stuff that represents me. I designed it to have a spot varnish on the floral pattern, so that it'll have that glossy effect on just the flower things.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oh man, look at the time...

Wow. It's been nearly a full half-year since I last posted. Sorry to anyone who actually checks this post. My bad? In fact, I don't know why I put up this blog in the first place...most of my work is very graphic designy and uninteresting, unlike cool illustration stuff. I also suck at illustration I realize...mostly because I haven't really seriously drawn anything since freshman year, and I have no style. Or maybe I do, but it's not a very good style. I suppose that this blog will slowly become less of a "sketchvon" and more of a "designvon" - yes, von is the nickname I give myself, only I can use it to address myself. Anyhow, since winter break is upon me soon (in about a week), and I plan on updating my portfolio site with recent works, so I suppose I'll post some stuff here...soon, very soon!