Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oh man, look at the time...

Wow. It's been nearly a full half-year since I last posted. Sorry to anyone who actually checks this post. My bad? In fact, I don't know why I put up this blog in the first place...most of my work is very graphic designy and uninteresting, unlike cool illustration stuff. I also suck at illustration I realize...mostly because I haven't really seriously drawn anything since freshman year, and I have no style. Or maybe I do, but it's not a very good style. I suppose that this blog will slowly become less of a "sketchvon" and more of a "designvon" - yes, von is the nickname I give myself, only I can use it to address myself. Anyhow, since winter break is upon me soon (in about a week), and I plan on updating my portfolio site with recent works, so I suppose I'll post some stuff here...soon, very soon!

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