Friday, April 10, 2009

process/animation sneak peak

So this is what an animation stand looks like:

The school actually has a couple of these, which is nice, except I didn't feel like using them during the past month I needed to shoot my animation project. Below is my version of an animation stand.

I'm quite proud of fashioning one up in my bedroom for the sake of convenience. Tripod, cardboard box, pegbar, and plenty of tape. And that's the mess that resulted in the process of the past month. (it was actually a bit tidier than usual at the moment of taking the picture.)

But it's okay, because I'm all done, and my room is all cleaned up! So happy now.

Stay tuned for the actual animation, coming soon! It's more experimental this time: vine charcoal was the main medium, and the project requirement was a "documentary".

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