Wednesday, March 4, 2009

GD4 Project - Robot Fest

Latest project for Graphic Design 4: design a poster for Robot Fest, which is coming up sometime next month and it seems to be a small convention of robot-building geeks and nerds (which sounds pretty cool actually). The teacher is collaborating with the guy from Robot Fest and there's a possibility that the client will pick one of the students' designs to really use to advertise.

So here is mine - we had to make a full package of poster/postcards/flyers/shirts (poster/shirt shown below):

Honestly, I think I like my shirt the best - I'd totally wear it. Overall feedback from the class is perhaps a different color palette (black is perhaps a bit too serious/outdated). Which is cool, I'd totally redo it with some different color variations but I don't have the time or energy to, so I won't - unless the client picks my design (which I doubt would happen). Haha.

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